Our thoughts go back to 1995… Everything seems so different today... Squats have been lost and the entire scene seems to decadence through separations, prejudgment and disagreements. We’re still looking for Navarinou square and the wild days… Everything seems a memory now...

The first unofficial demo release of the band was in 1996, entitled “Antithesis” (Contradiction). A split tape followed in 1998, entitled “Eglovismeni Sti Mizeria” (Entrapped in Misery), with the band “Karkinoma”. At the same period our live shows began, with our first troublesome appearance in 2000 at the University of Thesaloniki. Many live shows followed throughout Greece, until our first official release “I Diki mas kathimerinotita” (Our Daily Routine), in 2002...Finally after some alterations, the bands final line up was  Lefteris (vocals),  Ageliki (vocals), Andreas (bass), Giorgos (guitar), Mihos (drums).

The following years, Ageliki and Giorgos left the band for their own reasons and they replaced by Dimitris (vocals) and Babis (guitar). In 2004, the first release with the new line up was “Eonia Zontani” (Eternally Alive), in the form of 7" vinyl. Several live shows followed, but all of them were in clubs. Our point of view up to then was to abstain from clubs and appearing only in collectives, but the narrow mindness of some people, lead us to reconsider some of our opinion both as a band and individual. We took part in several non-official compilations, until 2007 where we released our CD “Friends For Ever… Punx For Life”, which followed by European tours in Italy, Holland, Germany, Slovakia, Czech republic, etc. Apart from vivid moments, we got the chance to perform outside Greek borders. After that, Aris added in our group as a second guitarist. In 2009, we were proposed to re-release our latest album “Friends For Ever…Punx For Life”. The release was 800 copies of vinyl with different cover and artwork, through “Joe Pogo Records” in Europe and U.S.A.

Due to arguments within the band, there was a new change in the band’s line up. Andreas and Dimitris left the band, while Alex and Mihalis joined where we recorded “LEGION OF FREAKS”, which was “JOE POGO RECORDS” release too.  Several friends featured on this work, such as Sotiris from “Adiexodo”, Archeos from “BOOTSTROKE" and Sucker from “OXYMORON/BAD Co.”, who edited the art work.

Plenty live shows came along in Greece and Europe, the highlights of them was the opening of “PUNK AND DISODERLY” and the antifascist festival in Parma of Italy.  We also consider notable our participation in the documentary “Mehri na Ginis o Vasilias ton Ilithion” (until you become the king of idiots) and our interview in the German fanzine BRAINWASH#5”..

Nowadays, in 2013 we had the last alteration of the band, where Alex replaced by Gianis at bass. We have already started recording for 7" split with “TOWERBLOCKS”.  Almost 18 years later, we made mistakes but we felt and still feel honest to what represent us. We hope to be here for many more years...