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After our first U.K. tour in 2014 there comes a row of performances in Northern Greece, in 3 cities. Our first gig is in Thessaloniki on 27th of March,in 8ball club with BMW Rockers 57/Red Light/Shituation. On 28th we perform for the first time in Larissa in Stage Club with Pempti Kasta and Red Light, while our last day in this mini tour is in Kavala in Steki, with Bitov Terror from Bulgaria - Red Light – Malia Karfia - Karkinoma.


It was a fucking great weekend, in the U.K. A big thank to the people who showed up in London/Bristol/Derby & All the bands who played with us!
Special thanks to: Robak “The Punk Rock Veterans Museum” Aero, Carnival Punks, Makis & Ika, Erick, Dave, Big Barr, Pie & Pez Brothers Drongos for Europe, Short Bus Window Lickers

Hope to see you again next year! Up the punx!


In 2002-2003 was the band’s first official release,

named “I Diki Mas Kathimerinotita” (Our Daily Routine), included 9 early street punk songs with female vocals in some of them. The release was 500 CDs, which were sold out at once. After 11 years it will be re-released in LP form, with different artwork (including 4 bonus tracks from our  7΄΄ “Eonia Zontani” (Eternally Alive) released in 2004). It will be available soon from WEIRD FACE RECORDS.


After many shows in Greece and Europe,
it’s time for our first show in UK with 3 gigs: 7-8-9th of March.We would like to thank Robak and the Punk Rock Veterans Museum  for their support and effort to make these concerts take place!


Thank you to everyone who showed up at Vive Le Punk Rock - Festival In Athens and we had the chance to share the stage with INFA RIOT.

Special thanks to Frank from Panx Romana who sang with us, one of our songs. Respect!


77-82 Team celebrate it’s 7th Anniversary
with a festival this time in An Club-Athens on February 8th 2014 w/ INFA RIOT (Legend U.K. Punk from the 80's), OMIXLH ( Street Punk ), The Smoking Barrels (Ska). My Turn (Hardcore), Ten Beers After (Oi!) & The Vagabonds77 (Oi Punk).

The damage is 10 Euros only!


Keeping up friendly relations with one
of the most active and remarkable German punk bands, the “Towerblocks”,we were planing for some time now to release something together. The birth of the idea came in 2010 with our live shows in Istanbul and Thesaloniki. After our latest release “Legion of Freaks”, we began recording new songs for our upcoming 7” split which will be released under a German label…Our plans will be to release exact the same form in Greece. More info coming soon...

After a long time we refreshed our page, giving it handier form. Our intention is to provide information of the band and also the direct communication with all of you that support us all these years. 18 Years of constant presence in the streets and the punk scene, we ‘re hopping to be there for a long time!!!